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Orthopedic Rehab


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Wilmington Physical Therapy - Conquer Movement PT

Pre/Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Don't go through surgery alone. Conquer Movement’s Physical Therapists see patients before and after surgery! Let us help you return to normal and feel like yourself again!

If you are looking for physical therapy before or after surgery, Conquer Movement is the place for you! We can help you get back to all of the things you want to do!

Physical therapy after surgery is critical so that you can make sure to recover in the best way possible! We have successfully helped people with many surgery rehab programs including: 

  • Back/Neck Surgery
  • Rotator Cuff Surgery
  • Labrum Surgery
  • Meniscus Surgery
  • Knee Arthroscopic Surgery
  • Joint Replacement
  • and much, much more!

Knee Pain

Knee pain is one of the most common complaints that we see at Conquer Movement. Our Physical Therapists can help you figure out what is going on and the best way to overcome it and get back to what you love doing!

Knee pain can occur with running, jumping, squatting, and many other movements! Our Physical Therapists are movement experts that can help you conquer your knee pain!

Conquer Movement can help you get out of knee pain. We have helped people in the Wilmington area with all kinds of knee pain, such as: 

  • Decreased Range of Motion
  • Knee Joint Pain
  • Pain with Jumping
  • Pain with change of direction
  • Running Knee Pain
  • Pain with Squatting
  • Knee Cap Pain
  • Meniscus Pain


Knee Pain Wilmington Physical Therapy - Conquer Movement PT

Shoulder Pain Wilmington Physical Therapy - Conquer Movement PT

Shoulder Pain

Conquer Movement loves helping people get out of shoulder pain. Our physical therapists can help you get rid of debilitating shoulder pain and discomfort so you can start living your life to its fullest potential again!
We use our shoulders for so many functional tasks! It can be frustrating when shoulder pain holds you back from the things that you need to do throughout your day! Our Physical Therapists can help!

We see patients with shoulder pain all the time. Conquer Movement  has helped people with all types of shoulder pain including: 

  • Decreased Range Of Motion
  • Shoulder Pain with Overhead Movements
  • Rotator Cuff Pain
  • Pain with Pressing/Pushups
  • CrossFit Shoulder Pain
  • Limited Sports Performance

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Has your doctor referred you to physical therapy? Our Physical Therapists would love to help you get out of pain and get back to the things you love to do!

Dealing with pain in our muscles, joints, and bones can be really challenging and frustrating. Our Physical Therapists at Conquer Movement can help you progress towards feeling like the strongest version of yourself again!​

We have successfully helped patients rehab all varieties of muscle and joint injuries. Injuries that our physical therapists have helped include: 

  • Back Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Foot/Ankle Pain
  • Chronic Pain
Wilmington Physical Therapy - Conquer Movement PT
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