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Why Seek Physical Therapy First?

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When you're hurt, you shouldn't have to wait days to get in to see your Doctor -- instead you should prioritize seeing a Physical Therapist.

Tell me if any of these are you ---

"I developed this lower back pain from sitting all day so I went to my Doctor and they were no help. 6 months later I still have it, and have been too lazy to go get my MRI."

"My hamstring has been bothering me for a while and now I can feel it during the whole yoga class.  I got an MRI and they said that nothing's wrong but it's still there and getting worse." 

"My neck kills me from sitting all day and looking at a computer screen.  My doctor wanted to give me pain medication but I refused to take it."

Many individuals may not realize that embarking on Physical Therapy as the primary solution could circumvent the challenges they currently face.

Understanding the common perception that, when in pain, people often feel confined to two choices – #1 Tough it out or #2 Schedule an appointment with their doctor.

Given the inconveniences associated with waiting in a doctor's office for potentially inconclusive answers, many individuals opt for #1. The current state of our healthcare system is far from perfect, prompting us to advocate for positive change.

Bypassing the MRI: A Cost-Effective Option

Choosing Physical Therapy initially allows you to sidestep the lengthy process of consulting your primary care physician, undergoing an MRI, and scheduling additional appointments for further interpretation. Physical Therapy provides an immediate opportunity to identify the nature and severity of your injury. While MRIs offer valuable insights, a Physical Therapist can utilize orthopedic testing to detect torn, sprained, or lax ligaments, akin to the information gleaned from an MRI. Additionally, opting for PT proves to be a more cost-effective alternative.

Farewell to Frustrating Waiting Rooms

When contemplating visits to your primary care physician or an MRI, the time factor often becomes a deterrent. Opting for PT first, especially at Conquer Movement in Wilmington, ensures punctuality every time. In the direct access model prevalent in North Carolina, appointments are one-on-one, on time, and span 60 minutes. This eliminates the need to wait or waste valuable time in waiting rooms, making the process more efficient and patient-friendly.

Clarity in Injury Solutions: Beyond the MRI

While MRIs can be perplexing, the brevity of time spent with a doctor often leaves patients with more questions than answers. The dedicated 60-minute sessions with our Physical Therapists ensure thorough education on the root cause of the issue and a customized road map to solving the issue, all completed during the initial evaluation. We explain our approach, the rationale behind it, and the findings we uncover. Opting for PT first guarantees a personalized plan of care based on you, not just your injury, from the very first session. Our Physical Therapists act as coaches, entrusted with addressing not only your pain and injuries but also overseeing your overall health and wellness plan.

The Evolution of Physical Therapy in Wilmington

The landscape of Physical Therapy is evolving, and here at Conquer Movement in Wilmington, we are at the forefront of this change. North Carolina is among the states that allow direct access to Physical Therapy. In simple terms, this means that individuals can seek the services of a Physical Therapist without the need for a physician's referral. Direct access empowers patients, streamlining the process and providing quicker access to care.

Saving Time: The Direct Access Advantage

Direct access in North Carolina translates to more efficient and timely healthcare. Patients can directly schedule appointments with a Physical Therapist, reducing the lag time associated with waiting for a doctor's referral. This not only expedites the initiation of treatment but also places the decision-making power directly in the hands of the individual seeking care.

Take the First Step with Direct Access

You're pressed for time, and wasting it on doctor visits, MRIs, and prolonged waits is not an option. Instead, opt for PT first to receive immediate answers, relief, and a comprehensive action plan that can potentially transform your life!

Are you ready? Take the first step by scheduling a FREE 15-minute phone consultation. During this call, you and Jeremy will delve into why you're contemplating an MRI and explore how we can offer assistance instead. Let's get started!

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